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Test Anxiety Support Group

Facilitator: Dina Stella, LMSW view bio
Type of Group: Online Support Group, via Live Video Chat
Start date: TBD
Duration: 6 x 1 hour sessions

Support Group Overview:

Members will receive support in managing anxiety, primarily related to studying and taking exams.

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Group, including, overview and assessing needs of the group.
  • Session 2: Challenges of studying and preparing for exams.
  • Session 3: Exploring feelings of worry and self-doubt.
  • Session 4: Managing isolation and burnout.
  • Session 5: How to manage schedules to create balance and increase
  • Session 6: Seeking Support. Developing coping skills to manage testing anxiety

Group Member Criteria:

  1. Enrolled in SGU as a medical or veterinary student (This also applies to those students in clinical rotation)
  2. Seeking to be part of a supportive community of students seeking guidance and support.
  3. Not at risk of decompensation (increased suicidality/lethality, at risk of severe depressive episode, at risk of relapse of addictive behavior)
  4. Limited difficulty with socialization; does not report disturbance at the thought of sharing in a group setting.

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