Psychology practices through yoga and meditation

Individual Counseling sessions are tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Facilitator: Suzanne Kaphan, LMSW

Through yoga and meditation, clients learn to work with the mind, breath and body in order to be and live in alignment physically, mentally, and if desired spiritually.

Clients will learn yoga and meditation techniques which work with the energy of the glandular system and the nervous system to create a deep sensitivity and clarity of mind. Intuition and discernment are developed, allowing one’s authentic self to come through.

Benefits include strengthening the nervous system, stretching and building muscles, stimulating circulation, decreasing stress, increasing vitality, and recalibrating your mind and body.

This program is currently paused.

Suzanne Kaphan, LMSW

As a licensed social worker and developmental psychologist, my passion is helping others understand and recover from anxiety, loss, and trauma. I also teach people how to decrease stress, increase vitality, and connect to their strengths to attain their goals.

Through our work together, clients identify and connect to their unique personal values, change self-defeating beliefs, develop healthy boundaries, and increase self-care. My clinical skills, interests and experience have a wide scope including psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, and body centered practices. In addition to traditional western psychology, I also teach yoga, mindfulness, and meditation as well as other somatic modalities and disciplines as a framework for clients to befriend, understand, and utilize their body as a tool for transformation and to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

This map for self-development leads to a very comprehensive, whole person, embodied approach to healing, health, and wellness.