Managing Stress and Anxiety during COVID-19

An online Support Group for sgu-som Students

Facilitator: Dina Stella, LMSW
Weekly, Thursdays at 9:30am (Commences Thursday 18th February 2021)

Members will receive support in managing their anxiety in a safe environment, through sharing experiences, creating a community and forming positive connections.

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Group, Icebreakers. What is anxiety?
  • Session 2: Symptoms Part 1
    What are symptoms of anxiety?
  • Session 3: Symptoms Part 2
    How to identify triggers that lead to feeling anxious?
  • Session 4: Symptoms Part 3
    How do symptoms contribute to physical health?
  • Session 5: Coping Strategies
    How can we incorporate self -care to decrease symptoms of anxiety?
  • Session 6: Seeking Support
    How to remain connected while feeling isolated

Open to both males and females.
Seeking ways to manage anxiety and process associated feelings.
Not at risk of decompensation (increased suicidality/lethality, at risk of severe depressive episode, at risk of relapse of addictive behavior).
Interested and open to learning about anxiety and its impact.
Limited difficulty with socialization; does not report disturbance at the thought of sharing in a group setting.

Dina Stella, LMSW

I am a licensed social worker and psychotherapist trained in trauma systems and cognitive behavioral therapy. I have experience working with diverse populations and am empathetic and understanding of the challenges and pressures of being a student, with limited support.

My goal is to support clients during life transitions and work to increase self awareness, develop healthy behaviors and increase emotional well-being. It is important to me that every person is seen and understood; aware that each individual responds differently based on their life experiences.

My areas of expertise include: Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.